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Fae Noir

Fae Noir: The Murderer in Blue
Fae Noir: The Murderer in Blue(Book 1)
When the Black Fairy, Azura Noir, has enough of being blamed for the misdeeds of the people whom she is assigned to be Fairy Godmother of, and instead becomes a police detective, the mysterious world beyond the veil of what everyday people call "real" creeps in to a serial killer case, and people she cares about come under increasingly violent siege. With desperation increasing at every new direct attack on her, and the others connected to the case, Azura, and her trusty sidekicks Frank Gillard, and Bailey LeBlanc are pushed to the limits of their sanity and lives, trying to catch a serial killer before they can strike again!
Fae Noir: The Veiled Kidnappings(Book 2)
When Azura Noir is kidnapped from her own wedding, the task falls upon her would-be-wife, Sergeant Bailey LeBlanc. With a deadline of Christmas Day to get her back. Bailey, alongside Doctor Aabirah Amir, and the late Sergeant Frank Gillard are pushed out of the real world, and in to the veiled land of magic, mystery, and wonder, to save her in time.

Guardian Harmony

Guardian Harmony: Ravenous Tides(Book 1)
When Commander Harmony Williams with Canadian Forces National Investigative Services is assigned a case of a seemingly simple murder investigation on a private yacht, she doesn't expect it to explode in to a vampiric disease outbreak, or to threaten her secret identity as a Rusalka. As the disease spreads, and more bodies rack up, her and her team are forced to work with other regional authorities to quell both a rapidly spiraling illness that makes the infected increasingly volatile, while also attempting to prevent the killer from striking again.
Guardian Harmony: If wishes were fishes(Book 2)
After the enigmatic introduction of a new member of her team, Commander Harmony Williams is thrust into an investigation of increasingly bizarre and dangerous series of serial murders. Between an increasingly personal connection to the case and the direct targeting of her team, it is clear that this supernatural killer is making this hurt. With the assistance of the new CFNIS intelligence analyst, Commander Williams embarks on a mystifying journey of self discovery, determination and promises needing to be kept.
Guardian Harmony: Swan Song(Book 3)
Presented with a returning serial killer who terrified the Greater Vancouver area for several years, Captain Harmony Williams is thrust into a murder investigation that crosses into nightmares and chaos as she and those on her team are personally targeted by the killer.

With a quickly growing body count, Harmony  is pressed for time to stop this supernatural killer before their power grows beyond the abilities of the team to stop.

Red Hood Rising

Red Hood Rising: The Song of Glass(Book 1)
Rachel Hood, more commonly known by the nickname she picked up as a child, "Little Red"(Which she hates, so don't call her that), saves a small town from a witch's curse, only to be cursed, herself. With the cure requiring her to "save someone from an unjust fate", a mysterious benefactor sets her on a quest to save a poor girl from her wicked step mother & step sisters.
A Very Redhood Rising Krampusmas(Christmas Special, 2021)
While on what was supposed to be a peaceful winter's holiday in Holland, Rachel Hood(Little Red Riding Hood) and Eleanor Tremaine come across rumors of a monster who steals naughty children who are never seen again. Unable to simply allow this to continue, they team up with a legendary Huntsman named Nikolas Clause, and an old friend to try to slay this creature of the hungry dark.
Red Hood Rising: The Black Forest(Book 3)
Fae Purgatory is not necessarily the worst place one could wake up, but it's definitely on the top 10 list. With curses threatening to permanently overwrite who they are, Rachel Hood, Eleanor Tremaine and Rumpelstiltskin must traverse this endless dark forest while trying to both find a way out and not lose their selves to the forest's lust for life force. To make matters worse, they aren't the only things trapped there, cursed, and believing that the only way they can continue to survive is to kill those around them.

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