Katelynn Alexandrea

Frosting enthusiast

Author of the Fae Noir and Guardian Harmony series.

Creator of the RP Vortex Mastodon instance

Kate's creations

Fae Noir

Fae Noir is a novella formatted urban fantasy detective series set in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Primarily starring Lt. Azura Noir, Sgt. Bailey LeBlanc, and Doctors Vanessa and Aabirah Amir, this series mixes magic and murder in to a delightful whodunnit.

Red Hood Rising

Red Hood Rising is a novelette high fantasy series starring atypical iterations of Public Domain characters.

Starring Rachel Hood, aka Little Red Riding Hood(Do not call her that), the Hunstwoman, this series delves deeply into the world of fairy tale while avoiding being sued by specific evil mice corporations.

Guardian Harmony

Guardian Harmony is a novella formatted urban fantasy detective series set out of the Richmond Naval Base, near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Starring Commander Harmony Williams and Leftenant Alyssa Sanchez, this series mixes monsters, intrigue, and mischief in to a slightly more morbidly themed crime thriller series.

The RP Vortex

The RP Vortex is a Fediverse / Mastodon instance specifically set aside for role players who are tired of Twitter constantly suspending their accounts for "suspicious activity".

The instance rules are very simple to understand;

All accounts are considered parody accounts

Zero tolerance for 18+ content with minors

Harassment, stalking, bigotry and hatespeech are not welcome.

Books for sale!

Fae Noir Book 1: The Murderer in Blue

Fae Noir Book 2: The veiled kidnappings

Red Hood Rising Book 1: The Song of Glass

A Very Red Hood Rising Krampusmas

Guardian Harmony Book 1: Ravenous Tides

Guardian Harmony Book 2: If Wishes Were Fishes

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